Getting real about Virtual Commerce  (虛擬社群)

Philip Evans and Thomas s. Wurster

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In a virtual community, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and

Supply Chain Management (SCM) model are changed

since customer interest is priority and competitive advantage of business entity.


Navigation ( ) as a Separate Business -

Unbundled from production, marketing, and distribution.

Navigation is the battlefield on which competitive advantage will be won or lost.

The services navigators provide will correspond only coincidentally to any physically defined business or industry. Many people continue to view Amazon. com, for example, as an on-line bookseller, but its true business is navigation.


The three dimensions of Navigational Advantage 

Reach (廣度) - it is about access and connection. It means simply how many customers a business can access or how many products it can offer.


Affiliation (關係) - is about whose interests the business represents.


Richness (深度) - is the depth and detail of the information that the business gives the customer or collects about the customer.

  Reading 1.1 "Centraline Property Agency:

Changing consumer behavior through the Internet

物業代理的啟示 中原地產代理

Competing property agency


Internet  線上





Connectivity and Contact                                                


Convenient locations and newspaper

Website with good Navigation system


Change form Media to Consumer side

Customer read newspaper as Information is based on it e.g. Newspaper 

Consumer-affiliated navigators help customers                          with more relevant information


Rich customer information

Agency know what the information the consumer wants

Rich consumer info a basis for building relationship


Case Study: Centralize Property Agency


Reach - The website provide the platform of property information for lease and sale to the potential customer without physically attend every site. The platform provides as many as available property sites on the Net and these could be freely access by customer from remote using Internet.


Affiliation - According to the agency theory, the customers are principal whereas Centralize plays as the agent. To maximize the benefit of the principal is competitive advantage for Centralize in the property agency market. Therefore, online information could enhance the transparency to eliminate the opportunism and bounded rationality of traditional agency business.


Richness - Detail and in-depth information of the property market could be made available to customers for purchase decision rather than wrong and outdate information and advertisement in the newspaper. The transparency of the property market information means the transaction cost is minimum as the market hierarchy of the property market is provided with relevant market information.


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