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We provide website evaluation and advice from web page to e-SCM and e-CRM for our client in B2C membership management, online ordering, publishing, e-voting and Chat room.

Our assessment is principally based on 3"P" value creation model of site evaluation namely


a. (P)romotion of product and service 推廣服務;

b. (P)rovision of data and infomation 提供資料; and

c. (P)rocessing of business transaction 推動運作









A purpose-value framwork ( 服務增值效應)

Value\Purpose Promotion 推廣服務 Provision 提供資料 Processing 推動運作
Timely 切合時宜

Item on sales; special offers; Product announcements

stock quotes; employment opportunities and press release online auction; interactive brokering


Custom 因應服務


product/service database search; customized product /service report general database search; customised news report; forecast customer orders; interactive consulting
Logistic 資訊傳遞 rates and fare quotes; facilities locator financial reports; research data and comparatives


online customer service; delivery or job status tracking



Sensational 誘惑接受

Contests, sweepstakes, giveaway; outstanding webdesign freeware; games; puzzles and download multimedia "surprise" discouts and bonuses; instant winners

Typcial site for evalution :