Welcome to Website design and Management - is a typical c2c motor car dealing worksite

A purpose-value framwork

Value\Purpose Promotion Provision Processing
Timely The "Top Ten" of most requested cars and trucks are useful for buyer


My Garage provides information for selecting a used car for different customers


The time lag for putting the car on Sell - Place a Classified after the Process of "Used Car Value" is very short.


The Research and information is helpful for as there is help to user for select a vehicle of new or used with safety comparsion


The Help me Choose a vehicle has good classification of users with particular need. e.g. transportaion/family of four or sales The Table for choosing a car with criteria including price, car model and brand and mileage

The credit and finance assistance response are helpful

The insurance quote, extended warranty and maintain & repairs are very useful given in different conditions


The particular model is shown with Model summary. Comment from drivers with list price and estimated payment. More information of the features available - colors, specification and safety.


The Kelly blus book service is very fast in selecting a value for trade-in and retail for buying cars. A details list of different buyers e.g. buy/sell a used car; buy a new car, get financing and insurance.


My Garage - sign up to receive free of safety report and much more and the flash movie of top ten used cars in the first page


The full angle screen of the automobile -e.g. Mazda 323 is available when one has the intention to buy. The worksheet of estimated payment after selecting a used car for buying and other informatio below for comparison.

Web site setup - Real site implementation process

Interest party may mail to for the real site setup program